Funding Options For Your Business!
Funding Options For Your Business!

Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order (P.O.) Financing provides companies with the ability to pay their suppliers for inventory where there are orders in hand from credit worthy customers.  There are limitations to the amount of funding that can be provided by Purchase Order funding.  The P.O. funding is paid by the financier directly to the third party vendors and not to the client itself.  



  • No limitations on the funding sizes
  • No equity dilution as PO financing is a debt financing tool
  • Handle the trade financing for companies
  • Use P.O. funding to fulfill orders without using existing cash flow


Basic Requirements

  • Pre-sold product to a credit worthy account debtor
  • Must be a firm order from the customer
  • Payment made to supplier by Letter of Credit, documentary collection or wire
  • An inspection of goods is required prior to shipment from supplier
  • U.S. and Canadian based companies
  • Funds available for all finished goods but not in-house manufacturing
  • Minimum funding of $100,000, NO maximum




Financing for Necessary Expenditures

Business Funding Group, LLC  assists clients to get the funding they require. Our loans will help you pay necessary bills for your business. If this is a vital time for your company, we may be able to help with the financial backing that your bank cannot.

We help clients in areas such as accounts receivable factoring, SBA loans, purchase order financing and more. We've given small business loans and we've also helped larger corporations. If you need help from experts, this is the company you should go to.

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NEW Loan Program added!

We are excited to announce the adding of a new funding program, "Business Express Loan" which offers the lowest interest rates (start @6%) with 5-10 year terms.  Funding ranges from $20K to $150K.  A true loan and NOT a cash advance! 48-hour Approvals.  Funds in 7 days!  Ask us about this Program!

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