Funding Options For Your Business!
Funding Options For Your Business!

Business Directed Retirement Account

Invest in Yourself with this program to allow you to invest your retirement account into your own business without taxes or penalties.  The profits grow your personal retirement account as well as your business!


Program Benefits

  • Fast funding in as little as 2 weeks
  • Avoid penalties or taxable distributions
  • No loans or credit requirements
  • Start a debt-free new business with total control
  • Money can be used for any normal business expense including collateral for a loan
  • Receive FREE tax planning, legal structure and exit strategy advice!





Make the Most Reliable Investment You Can Make

By investing your retirement account into your own business, you are putting your finances into your own hands. Business Funding Group, LLC makes sure that you have the best opportunities available with every financial decision. We will help see to it that all of your money is well-spent on loans and anything related to your funding. This is the best investment you can make. These long-term business expenditures are just as helpful to startups as they are to seasoned and experienced companies. If you need working capital, this can help you build a franchise.

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NEW Loan Program added!

We are excited to announce the adding of a new funding program, "Business Express Loan" which offers the lowest interest rates (start @6%) with 5-10 year terms.  Funding ranges from $20K to $150K.  A true loan and NOT a cash advance! 48-hour Approvals.  Funds in 7 days!  Ask us about this Program!

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